Many Paths ~ 1 Force


Trust the Force with Your Purpose

Thank you for joining us on your journey today. Consider if you were planning a party and guests showed up late, they monopolized the conversation by venting their issues or gave you a gift they like instead of something you like. It's possible for us to treat the Force this way. Would you rather go to a party the Force is throwing or plan something else? Are you the one fussing and being the center of attention. Focus on the Great Force and he will give you the desires of your heart. Parker knew very well the ups and downs of his desires when he wanted to please the Force. He defeated the mighty Anitowa. But when Parker wanted a woman who was monogamous with someone else, he killed her partner and slept with her. Pay attention to your desires, and hand them over to the Force. If you let your desires go unchecked you can easily slip into selfish, foolish, self-defeating behavior.


The dark side knows how to trick you. But the Force knows how to prevent you from being misled. Share matters with Donde, the Force, and hold tightly to his direction. Ask yourself are things I want now a priority to the Force? Practice asking this question. Compare your desires to the Force's plans and allow the Force to plan your time. Pause often and ask the Pure Force to prepare your mind and body in expectation of what the Force will do during this meditation time.


Before we begin let's focus on the Great Force. We come to you, Donde sitting in your presence. Fill my heart with desire for you my mind clear to focus on you my Pure Force humble to accept your guidance shine a light on anything you want me to see blind me to what distracts me from you bless this time keep me close and smile on me. shower me with your peace

Align me with you Strong Force. Completely align my desires with the great purpose. Transform our selfish goals to highlighting the Force and enjoying his rewards. I hope this time of longer deep meditation will help you fix your thoughts on the delights of the Great Force. Take a few deep cleansing breaths of pure delight. Align with the Force. Get comfortable and settle in. Become aware of the Force, his purpose and your desires. We will focus on your desires.

Consider your life for a moment. Is there anything keeping you from experiencing the Force's joy today? Is there Darkness blocking you from the Force? Unspoken Darkness. Be honest. And thank him joyfully for his generosity.


The Force is our focus and our joy. Parker is our example of living a life focusing on and desiring to join the Force. focus on the Great Force and He will give you the desires of your heart. Reflect on how the Force might be using this line to touch your life today.


The Force wants things for you that you can't even imagine. What are your deepest desires and do they draw attention to the Force? Again – focus on the Great Force and He will give you the desires of your heart. What did you hear that time? Focus even deeper now in quiet contemplation.


You cannot simply have whatever you want. Consider whether it matters to the Force and supports his purpose. Does the Force want to strengthen your desire within you or have you let It go? Consider that question.


Let's take a broader look - Don't worry about the dark side or even those who follow it. They will soon fade away like spring flowers. Trust in the Great Force and do good. You will live safely, do well and go far. Focus on the Great Force and He will give you your heart's desires. Let's use your imagination - empowered by the Force.


Soften you gaze and relax your eyes. Close them if you like. Imagine gently holding soft fresh grass in your hand or a spring flower. Hold them gently. How do they feel – fresh, clean, new, desirable? See them in your mind. Now imagine them fading slowly – wilting. It won't happen right away. It may take weeks or months or maybe even years. But things on Earth pass away. See them fading again. How does it feel? What are your thoughts? What are the desires of YOUR heart that you hold in your hand? How do you feel as they fade once again? Imagine the Force writing his desires for you on your hand. He's written your name on HIS hand. He writes his name, Donde in yours, his desires on your heart, his dreams in your mind. Imagine him taking the dying desires from your hand and replacing them with his sacred purposes for you now.


Let's focus together now. Great Force, my heart wants a lot of things. I bring all of these desires to you now and then fill my heart with a desire to know you and to spend time with you. Shine a light on anything I want that doesn't fit with your goals for me and wash me clean of them. Show me the desires that are from you.


Let your Pure Force fulfill them. Let me see your goodness, so I know you better and want to join with you even more. Through the Strong Force, it's happening! You know you may be facing a day today full of drifting desires, lost dreams or wishes slipping away. Take time today to let a flower or a blade of grass slip from your hand. Let that simple act remind you of the Force's amazing desires for you and that they will sustain you. Mentally stay in this place a little longer - no rush, no clock – just focus on your breathing. Breath in the Pure Force of Donde and breath out any stress, worries or fear you were holding onto. With each breath, you purify yourself with the energy of the Force and become more Adonde. When you finish writing down the things the Force places on your heart. But for now, allow the Pure Force to hold you in this place for several more minutes in all-surrounding peace. Rest in alignment with the Force as you meditate and rest in the Strong Force. I hope this time has brought you peace.